SB Engineering provides structural engineering expertise in the design of load-bearing structures for industrial, commercial and residential projects, new additions, bridges, tall buildings, retaining walls, recreational facilities, and greenhouses. We are also involved in the design of new structures and in the evaluation and rehabilitation of existing ones. Conducting thorough analyses, we are able to determine structural loads, geometry, support conditions and the properties of materials used in structural design. 

SB\Eng. works with many types of building materials including masonry, pre-stressed and reinforced concrete, structural steel, wood, and synthetic materials. 

SB Engineering specialized designing and analyzing buildings with High Performance Concrete (HPC), High Strength Concrete (HSC, typically more than 150 MPa, cf. typical concrete strength 30~40 MPa), Light Weight Self Consolidating Concrete (LWSCC), Self Compacting Concrete (SCC), FRP, & Streel Fiber.

In addition, we offer feasibility studies, post-disaster assessments, and AutoCAD drafting. We are pleased to provide practical solutions to engineering requirements using the latest computer technology to assist in design development.

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SB Engineering

We are in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects. {ALL ABOUT ENGINEERING: BIG AND SMALL}

  • Engineering & Field Review (Inspection) for Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, Mixed Use & Tall Building.
  • Full Engineering services & Reviews for Project; design checks and peer review.
  • Specialty Engineering & Reviews with Due Diligence Reports.
  • Design Consulting with Advanced Materials.
  • Severe Environmental Resisting Concrete Design, High Performance Concrete (HPC), Light Weight Self Compacting Concrete (LWSCC).
  • Seismic Evaluation, Rehabilitation and Upgrade with Consulting & Analysis for Structural Criteria Development.
  • Enhanced Field Reviews, Non-Destructive Tests  & QA/QC.
  • Building Condition Assessment & Risk Assessment
SB Engineering
SB Engineering


SB Engineering

[NOUN] Engineering is the creative application of science, mathematical methods, and empirical evidence to the innovationdesignconstruction, operation and maintenance of structures, … for the benefit of humankind.

YES, Just like Definition,

SB Engineering has always been creative and provided optimized solutions & innovative designs based on calculations, analysis, experiences, and the codes.
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From Life Cycle Analysis of materials to High Performance Concrete such as HPC/SCC with FRP,
based on extensive researches/studies and practical experiences,

SB Engineering has successfully achieved numerous projects.

{Projects, for examples}

  • Engineering for HPC with Steel fiber and FRP for fire-protection, Evergreen Tunnel Project at Port Moody. Canada.
  • Designing & Analysis for Severe Environment Resisting (Sea Water) Concrete Design with Life Cycle Analysis, Seawall Project in Seattle. USA.
  • Designing and Researching for Self Compacting Concrete, BIG DIG Project, Ontario. Canada.
  • Specialty Concrete Design & Analysis for Environment-Friendly Retaining Wall, Four River Project, South Korea.


Application of Design, Implementation of Concepts into complex structures, is not always easy.
We provide prompt alternative solutions/correction based on the observations of field reviews & Quality Assurance or Quality Control (QA/QC).

All solutions/corrections we made, will be supported by solid engineering grounds by analysis and calculations.
The paramount concept of all our engineering services and activities is “Public Safety” including our clients’; this is why we care for Due Diligent Engineering Report” for all our designs/solutions/corrections.

we NEVER “Guess” from the past-experience or similar projects. JUST ASK for “engineering calculation report” to your structural engineer.
Did he/she provide it with you ?

Since SB Engineering is always providing.