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Engineering services provided by SB/Eng shall begin with “defining the scope of work”. When the scope of work is not available, “Initial Field Review” is required.  Just tell us about your project or issues. Whether the project is big or small, our services can be your advantage.

Just send us an email. A formal quotation will be emailed back to you. An engineering service shall begin with the client’s acceptance of the formal quotation.

An initial field review is required for:
1. defining the scope of work
2. verifying the existing condition
3. providing the best solution to the client

Building Permit:
it is the responsibility of the client and contractor to ensure that the project is required for a building permit from the City having jurisdiction. If the client/contractor does not have a permit for work that has already started, and it turns out you need a permit for that work, it is the sole responsibility of the client and contractor.

As per Article in Part 2 of Division C in BC Building Code 2018 or Vancouver Building Bylaw (VBBL) 2019 for the project located in the city of Vancouver, BC, it is the owner’s obligation and responsibility to ensure that the authority having jurisdiction receives all Schedules CB and/or CA after completion of the project and before the final inspection by the authority having jurisdiction.

Structural vs. Architectural

The plans are different

For a BP application

The client needs to submit two drawings: Structural and Architectural plan.
Architectural plan: All interior & exterior layouts, Material specifications, Zoning, Floor Area, Density, Site Coverage, etc.
Structural plan: All Structural Analysis and Engineering Designs based on Architectural Plans.

For light wood-framed single-family dwelling/structure: 3~5 days
once architectural plans and all specifications have been received.

For Townhouse: + 2 weeks
For Mid-Rise: + 3 weeks
For High-Rise: + 9 weeks

For Typical Commercial Project: + 5 weeks
For Industrial Project: +5 weeks
For Infrastructure: as per project specification

For Concrete Mix Design: Min. 6 weeks + testing as per project requirements.

Typically 2 days in-advance appointment required
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