Based on the ample experience in structural engineering, technology, and building codes, SB\ENG develops our own program for structural performance analysis; this is for our own as well as client’s benefits for cost-savings.

Without actual calculation and analysis, we never assume/guess structural component/performances from the past experience.
We always clearly state every single structural component for optimum-selections. It is different from other engineers in the same industry.

Refer to the followings for details

SB Engineering


P.ENG, Registered Professional Engineer in BC. Canada
PCI Level I & II Inspection Certification
ACI-PCI Concrete Testing Certification
CWA Welding Engineer Certification

  • Structural Engineering / Designs
  • High Performance Concrete (HPC) / Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) Design
  • Strengthening & Seismic Analysis and Upgrade
  • Structural Performance Analysis with assessments
  • Structural Materials Analysis with Designs
  • Peer Reviews and Full Engineering Analysis Reports
  • Field Review & Engineering Review / Inspections
  • Engineering Consulting / Quality Engineering / Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Engineering Audits

Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.



John originally started his career as an architect in South Korea after graduated from one of the famous University. After his family’s immigration to Canada in 2000, he started his study “again” in Civil Engineering. In Toronto, Canada, he has finished Bachelor degree, Master degree in Applied Science, and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. 

During his career, and naming his engineerng firm, {SB\ENG} has successfully achieved numerous projects in residential & commercial, and infrastructures.

{FROM} foundation, retaining wall, environment-friendly embankments, prevention of landslide, prevention of resources,
{TO} concrete design for a tall building, high strength concrete, high performance concrete, bridge girders, seawall, pre-stressed/post-stressed concrete structures, overpass designs, and more….



Optimum Designs in seconds

Structural Design using OUR OWN Developed Excel with VBA

Simple, but Repetitive Calculation

in Seconds, our programs provide all information for a optimum selection of structural components including Beam Size, Shearwall, Nailing, Bolts, Connection, Supports, Steel beam and…everything. This is how we can do for all structural components in Seconds. Other Engineers simply can not.

It is true that

NOT all engineers be able to answer your questions about structural performances and integrity.

Simply, your “Typical” engineer will / may say, “too busy…it is OK…”. This is a “guess” from his past experience, and he/she tends to choose over-design in size and structural performances, not mentioning that “guess” increase the risk of failures of your structures.

SB Engineering is DIFFERENT.
We are always providing to our clients, all “calculation” & “analysis-reports” combined with engineering experience.
We are not giving our clients “assumption or guesses” of any structural component, even single nail. 

This is possible simply because we know WHAT WE ARE DOING.
Choosing by us and Providing to you an exact beam size based on actual calculation & analysis, for instance,
YOUR PROJECT COST will be reduced much lower than using over-designed beams through “guessing or assumption”.

In addition, This is the ONLY way to assure the safety of the public and you, the paramount concern of all engineers.



SB Engineering, Structural Design is committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.